Acquire valuable users for your mobile app

An app without users is like a fish without water. That's why, as App&More, we are here to help you acquire them!

App User Acquisition campaigns are our specialty, so by choosing us you are guaranteed to work with an experienced and competent agency. So, we will help you choose the right media channels to promote your app and launch engaging advertising campaigns in them. We will also take care of their optimization to ensure that you get the highest possible effectiveness from the ads you broadcast.

Below you will read a little more about just a few of the channels in which we conduct advertising activities for our clients' applications.

Google App Ads

To acquire users for your mobile app, it is worth using campaigns run through Google Ads. This is a type of advertising that leads the user directly to information about your app on Google Play or Apple App Store. Google Ads is a great tool for handling your app's ad campaigns. It has a simple and intuitive interface, is convenient to use, and allows running various campaigns with different goals (not just user acquisition) at the same time.

In addition, Google will display mobile app ads where they are most likely to be clicked on and then downloaded by valuable users of the app itself.

Paid Social

It is worthwhile to ensure the visibility of our application on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Forecasts indicate that Facebook will surpass 3 billion users in 2022, and on the marketing side we need to keep in mind that these users can often become valuable users of our app. To bring this scenario to life, it makes sense to take advantage of the advertising platforms offered by social media channels. One of them is Meta Ads Manager (formerly Facebook Ads Manager), on which we can easily prepare ads to promote the app on both Instagram and Facebook.

For TikTok, we can take advantage of various forms of ads, using both generic videos and Spark Ads.

Spark Ads are nothing else than adding an advertising target to an already existing video on a specific user's profile on TikTok. Thus, in order to promote our mobile app, we can partner with influencers and promote the video so that its source is directly their profile on the TikTok platform.

Apple Search Ads

Is your application supported by iOS? Then you can't miss the opportunity to implement its promotion through the Apple Search Ads platform!

Apple Search Ads offers an unprecedented place in the App Store, which is visited by 600 million unique users every week. There are many interesting forms of ads to choose from, which we can tailor to our needs.

Unlike most ads, the one run through ASA cannot be found in a third-party app. Being a system application, the App Store cannot be downloaded or deleted, and it doesn't support the usual formats. This affects the fact that users acquired through Apple Search Ads are often more loyal to the app they download. It is therefore worthwhile to ensure that our app is highly visible in the App Store.


There are countless benefits to using programmatic platforms for app install campaigns, such as full transparency, real-time campaign optimization and advanced targeting. In the past, ad fraud techniques and brand safety were widely questioned when using this form of advertising, but now these two aspects of automation are becoming more certain and harder to challenge.

Do you want to bring your app to the next level, but don't know which of the advertising channels listed above would be appropriate to promote your app? We'll be happy to help you choose the right channel necessary to get valuable users, and then, when mutually agreed, we'll set up, run and optimize your app's advertising campaigns. And that means all that's left for you to do is enjoy the results. Contact App&More today!