Analytics training at App&More

Expand your knowledge of mobile app analytics with training courses offered by App&More.

Mobile app analytics is significantly different from its web-based counterpart. It is much more complex, and factors are taken into account that do not work in the world of ordinary analytics, which applies to the daily practice of those who analyze data.

At AppMore, we offer analytics training to help you learn how to analyze mobile app data using dedicated tools, and how to look at the acquired data, read it, and use it to optimize your app's performance.

What you can expect from analytics training at AppMore? You will learn:

We offer both on-site and online mobile application analytics training.

Our mobile analytics training courses primarily consider technologies:

Training courses include both a theoretical base and practical exercises involving the implementation of changes under the watchful eye of a trainer. Thanks to an experienced specialist, you will see how simple it can be to create lists of recipients and how funnels in apps differ from typical sales funnels.

You'll learn in-depth about the importance of in-app user retention and how much of a priority it is for your app and its users. We'll teach you about Cloud Messaging, a way to reach users who have installed your app, and the differences between PUSH notifications and in-app messaging.

We'll teach you how to create personalized paths that increase conversions and return on experience (ROX - a metric that allows you to examine how consumers interact with a brand and measure how investments in customer experience impact your bottom line).

You will learn how to prepare a good promotion plan, understand the importance of the metrics you should analyze, and learn the process of translating analytics into business.

We determine the location of the training and its exact scope on an individual basis - after we know your needs and current state of knowledge. We will propose a tailor-made training process, so you can be sure to learn about the issues you need and are sure to benefit from in the future. Training can take place online, or at a fixed location live.