Data&Analytics - mobile application analytics

With the needs and challenges of companies that have implementing a mobile application in mind, we offer appmoreANALYTICS, a comprehensive in-app analytics service.

When you choose to work with us, you are assured that we will effectively handle all analytics elements in your application and help you develop your product. We will help you effectively implement dedicated analytical tools that will allow you to analyze data related to users, their behavior while using your application, the conversion path and the sales funnel.

Here are some of the most popular tools on the analytics market that will give you the ability to collect data and use it to optimize your application. You will ensure a pleasant user experience, encouraging users to use your app more often, ultimately translating into an increase in LTV (lifetime value, or customer lifetime value rating).

The Customer Experience and Engagement Suite, based on a robust deep linking engine, enables you to create personalized journeys that increase conversions and return on experience (ROX - a metric that allows you to examine how consumers interact with your brand and measure how investments in customer experience impact your bottom line).

Facebook Analytics includes several useful features, such as:

At AppMore, we'll help you determine which analytics tools you should implement into your application to effectively improve it, and thus achieve better results across the board. We will tailor a plan of action to your marketing strategy, and during the consultation, we will answer any questions or concerns that arise.