App Launch Strategies - prepare for your mobile app launch

Want your mobile app launch to be a success? Learn ways to prepare an effective app launch strategy.

Designing, developing, and testing apps is just the beginning of a bigger adventure. Thousands of apps are being posted in app stores every day, but even if we exclude those that are technically flawed, most of them will never make it to the charts of the most popular apps, nor will they achieve noticeable success on the market.

So what to do if you know your app has potential and don't want it to be lost among thousands of its competitors overnight?

First of all, you need to have a strategy for marketing activities, by which you will promote your app among the right and quality audience, and the news about it will circulate among them even before its release. Preparing such a strategy is another matter we can help you with!

Do you know without which aspects, according to us, a properly executed app launch cannot take place?

Content Marketing

Get people talking about your app, even before it is officially released in the Google Play store or App Store. Valuable content published on national portals, or specialized blogs, as well as cross-promotional campaigns, are a great way to get attention.

Your app helps sports enthusiasts count calories burned during workouts? We can help you post an article about it on popular healthy lifestyle blogs. Maybe you offer an interesting puzzle game to install on your smartphone? We will make it shake up the forums for puzzle lovers. We know well what to do to make content about your app appear in the right places at the right time.

Public Relations

Contrary to popular belief, marketing a mobile app around its launch is not just about clickable ads. After all, the aspect of building trust among potential audiences at the earliest possible stage (so even before the app's official appearance in the stores) is also very important. An effective strategy to achieve this goal may be to launch a PR campaign for the mobile application. However, for its execution to have a satisfactory result, we must first choose the right communication platform for us and awaken the creativity that will underpin the entire project.

If you want to implement a PR strategy into a plan to promote the launch of your app - rely on the help of experts who will help you achieve success through the support offered at every step of the actions taken.

Social Media

In the 2020s, there is one simple rule for any type of product - if you are not on social media it is as if you do not exist at all. This also applies to mobile apps.

It's no surprise to us that not everyone navigates efficiently in the world of Meta Ads Manager, LinkedIn Ads, and Spark Ads on TikTok - after all, we ourselves have spent many hours furthering our education and participating in training courses on these topics ourselves.

If you lack the time to wade through social media marketing guides or attend expensive courses on the subject, rely on us. We will be happy to prepare for you a strategy for promotion in all the places where you would be ashamed not to see an ad for your application.


You may be thinking, "I already have a mobile app, so why do I still need a website"? This attitude is a big mistake! Having a website is an extremely important part of promoting mobile applications. The website itself does not have to be extremely complicated, but it is important that it is a kind of showcase for the mobile application. However, it will come in handy not only for branding, but also as a landing page for search engine ads, where Internet users look for information about apps as often, if not more often, than in app stores.

As App&More, we have the expertise needed to both create and position a website for your app.

Contact us and we will prepare an offer for you to implement a customized and budgeted strategy for your app's launch activities.