Growth Consulting - growth strategy for mobile apps

Learn effective ways to increase conversions inside your mobile app. Learn how to perform data analytics and improve your app's organic visibility in stores.

Need a growth strategy for your mobile app? Are you already acquiring users but having trouble converting them? Would you like to increase retention or frequency of app usage? Would you like to increase the revenue generated per user (LTV)? Do you have a problem with organic visibility and want to optimize ASO? Your analytics data doesn't allow you to derive conclusions? We can help you plan, implement and deploy an app marketing plan that will achieve your goals.

Growth audit for mobile applications

We will conduct a comprehensive review of your current mobile application strategy in a way to achieve your goals. The audit can take the form of an online workshop where our team of experts will interview you, provide analysis and derive conclusions ready for implementation. We will help you connect your strategic business goals with your mobile app goals. We will find the so-called "sweet spots" and areas that we can optimize on a priority basis so that the results of the optimization can be seen relatively quickly. We will combine your business, media, communications, and analytics data so that together they form a single, coherent vision with recommendations and an action plan behind them. We will ensure that all conclusions are data-driven and that the implemented analytics present the data in such a way that the decisions made are validated and relevant.

App marketing strategy audit

We will provide you with a full audit of your app's marketing strategy, in which you will find such elements as:

With a mobile app marketing audit, we will find gaps and set priorities to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. We will provide you with an overview of market technologies, as well as tool recommendations. We will focus on the key elements of building a solid app marketing strategy, such as data analytics, automation, relevant outreach, experimentation, and communication with existing users. We will make marketing activities clear, transparent, quantifiable, and given in a way that leads directly to business decisions.

Support for application launch

The launch of a mobile application is a key moment in the app's life cycle. We will prepare a plan tailored to this moment in such a way that you make the most of it. We will take care of PR, videos, influencers, and the launch campaign in such a way that you get the "WOW" factor. We will verify analytical implementations, prepare an App Store Optimization audit, and take care of interesting and inspiring descriptions for app stores. We will test the performance of the app and point out errors in the UX audit.

Prior to the launch, we will perform an in-depth market analysis, tell you about opportunities and threats, and conduct test campaigns in selected foreign markets, the so-called soft launch of the mobile application. We will also design media targets, select metrics for user tracking, and implement the necessary technologies.

Contact us and tell us what you would like to achieve in the application launch phase and we will prepare a customized plan for you!

1:1 consultations

We know that app marketing is very complex and sometimes requires one-on-one sessions to find the best solutions. Choose to consult with our analytics, media, strategy or social teams to get answers to your questions. We will find the answer to any mobile app challenge. Take advantage of our one-on-one consultations or choose a training package tailored to your needs.

Need training for your team? No problem, we will customize a plan to meet your requirements. Are you new to mobile app marketing? Follow us on social media channels, we regularly hold free webinars, publish tutorials and write content to help you quickly learn the ins and outs of app marketing.